Learning in a Blender

Posted 15 September 2006 by glennbnit
Categories: Blended Learning

Imagine the noise and the chaos….. I did when I saw an image of a blender with a range of learning technologies being “poured” in. It led me to think what would happen if it was turned on. As a child I blended lovely concoctions (the view of more is better) to create at best what could be described as a dark, wet mess. When blending…

  • Are we keen to pour everything in and switch it on?
  • Do we read a lot of recipes but not sure where to start?
  • How do we determine ingredients for the most palatable learning “smoothie”?
  • Do we make choices or provide choices?

What images does blended learning create for you?

With the sound of the blender still whirring in my ears, I read the Life Based Learning report. It reminded me that we as people, and learners, are a blend of our experiences at work, at play and at home. The report blended Flow Theory with learning engagement.

So back to the blender! In goes Self-determination theory and blended learning. This theory advocates three essential ingredients for motivation. I started to think about them as a basic recipe for creating blended learning environments – rather than the type of delivery or technology – eg:

  • Relatedness – the social aspect of learning i.e.strategies for harnessing people power & experiences
  • Autonomy – self-determined learning rather than teacher-determined i.e. strategies that enable learner choice in both what and how to learn
  • Competence – people’s view of their own ability i.e. strategies that provide information and feedback on performance